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Since Sandy, my Golden Retriever, started her blog a couple of years ago, many of her followers have asked why her human didn’t have a blog. Good question! I can’t answer it. The truth is, I didn’t realize how much fun and inciteful blogging can be. Sooooooooo, I’m launching this site in the hopes of getting to know many of you folks out there in the blogosphere. Unlike my long-winded pup, I’ll try to keep my posts short, but meaningful.
Sandy refers to me as the “Geezer” and is frank when documenting some of my less than stellar traits. I’ll be less free when I discuss her little failings and won’t discuss her many favorable points; she’s perfectly willing to extol her virtues at her site. –
I’m an author so you’ll find I’ll split the blog’s subjects between personal experiences and both the art and business of writing. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas and conversations with you all!


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