2 comments on “How many mistakes do you get to make?

  1. Fortunately, op-ed writing offers an infinite number of chances to learn though making mistakes. If you are self-publishing for free you can spend every year you’ve got left practicing, with no dire penalty. The worst that can happen is no one but you reads it, and even that means you DO have one dedicated reader who can assist you to improve.

    This is more true of crafts than of occupations. You never “finish” learning how to do anything creative, but other kinds of jobs have firmer boundaries, deadlines and goals.

    I’m in the “we need more political parties” camp. I got there by looking at how other countries construct and use government. It’s better to have enough of them to force participants to form coalitions and compromise to govern. If politicians don’t absolutely have to compromise, they won’t, and you get our current gridlock. Parliamentary systems also allow leaders to call elections at irregular intervals, so pols don’t get the idea that once elected, they are set for life without having to face a performance review.

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